Audi R8 Razor Debuts

    Car Name: Audi R8 Razor Debuts
    Brand Name: Audi

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    PPI R8 and the R8 Razor were originally in the world at the Essen Motor Show last year. Power numbers are up from 420 hp to 460 hp, torque increased by 317 ft-lb at the 343rd Together with the improved engine management and the sports air filter, the car reached a top speed of 192 mph mph. 0-60, improved by six tenths of a second at an impressive 4.0 seconds. With a fundamental impact kit built entirely of carbon fiber, and super-light 19 “black, magnesium wheels, the two cars have a look separates that from the camp R8, but without outrageous straying away like many other tuner.
    PPI also offers the aerodynamics with carbon fiber shiny and matte finishes, the buyer has at least some chance that the final appearance adapt. Included in this package are a front spoiler lip, which makes the front brakes breathe while reducing lift. Front bumper air intakes in the body and the improvement of the original front radiator and brake cooling. A new adjustable rear wing spoiler is also included. Side Sills, page blades, diffuser, rear grille complete the exterior mods.
    Inside, PPI tricked, the hand brake, entry door panels, and the instrument panel and carbon fiber composite materials. They have a new, ergonomic steering wheel  with carbon fiber  including the driver more control over the driving dynamic program.

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