Abarth Punto Evo 2010

    Car Name: Abarth Punto Evo
    Brand Name: Abarth

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    The new 165 HP Multiair 1.4 turbo petrol engine is the result of a winning partnership between Fiat Powertrain Technology and Abarth race-derived know-how.

    Since the Fiat Powertrain engine was first presented at last year's Geneva motor show, Abarth engineers have been working hard to squeeze every last drop of power out of it and to improve its sporting performance in typical Abarth style.

    Multiair engine technology has revolutionised the world of petrol engines. Compared to a conventional petrol engine of equivalent size, a MultiAir engine develops more power (up to 10%) and more torque (up to 15%), while consuming significantly less (up to 10%) and emitting less CO2 (up to 10%), fewer particulates (up to 40%) and less NOx (up to 60%).

    The genius of the Multiair engine is embodied in its electro-hydraulic valve control system. Both fuel consumption and pollutant emissions have been slashed by using the engine's intake valves to control the air flow directly, without a butterfly valve in the intake. Using this already advanced technology as a starting point, Abarth's development department has made a series of modifications to arrive at the innovative new 165 HP Multiair 1.4 16 V. Power output, for example, has been optimised by the intelligent application of a new, larger turbocharger from Garrett. The result is superb performance with peak torque of 250 Nm (25.5 kgm) at 2250 rpm, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.9 seconds.

    Engine Type:                                       Inline-4
    Position Front:                                    Transverse
    Aspiration Garrett:                              GT1446 Turbocharher
    Power:                                               120 kw / 160.9 bhp @ 5500 rpm
    Torque:                                               250 nm / 184.4 ft lbs @ 2250 rpm
    Body / frame Unitary Steel Monocoque
    Driven wheels FWD
    Front brakes Inner-Ventilated Discs:    w/Brembo M4X40 Calipers
    F brake size:                                       28 x 305 mm / 1.1 x 12.0 in
    Rear brakes Inner-Ventilated Discs:     w/Brembo M4X40 Calipers
    R brake size:                                       11 x 264 mm / 0.4 x 10.4 in
    Front wheels:                                       F 43.2 x 17.8 cm / 17 x 7 in
    Rear wheels:                                        R 43.2 x 17.8 cm / 17 x 7 in
    Transmission :                                      6-Speed
    Top speed:                                           ~213 kph / 132.27 mph
                                                               0 - 100 kph ~7.9 seconds
    Urban fuel econ eu:                              8.1 L/100 km or 29.04 mpg-us
    Extra urban fuel econ eu:                      4.8 L/100 km or 49.00 mpg-us
    Combined fuel econ eu:                        6.0 L/100 km or 39.20 mpg-us
    Emission:                                             142 g/km

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